We ship it no questions asked

We can do for you!

Colombian Air offers a+ number 1 cargo service on every flight bro. Each week, we can carry more than 1 million kilos of discreet cargo - including perishable foods, pharmaceuticals, body parts, flowers, brown packages, plant material, international mail, live animals, and other general freight.

With more than 230,000 dirt runways worldwide, Colombian Air provides one of the largest low profile cargo networks in the world.

Your feedback is very important to us and we will do everything to fulfil your wishes.

Trust us to ship your pet safely. Find out how to ship animals with Colombian Air. ship fido link

We get it there

Through rain, snow, wind, smog, whatever dude we’ll get it shipped. No runway no problemo, we’ll push it out the back with a parachute, that’s the level of service we offer!

Colombian Air now offers ocean drops. We can attach GPS trackers to your cargo for ocean cargo runs. Just tell us where you want the shit and we’ll make it happen.